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Market distributed in South America, North America,
Europe, Janpa and other countries in southeast

Innovative design,high quality control. Professional design and customized according to customers requirements
Service:+86 (0769) 8398 0628
Thousands of premium qualified artificial products in producing... ...


Simple but promethean & abstract design make the product looks perfect in real, nature & beautiful。


Imported material, lively shape, nice layering, colorful but nature, full of three dimensional.


Non-toxic and green environmental raw material and dye. Features of water proof, anticorrosion, mould proof and fireproofing.


Experienced hand-made workmanship, everywhere is cared while producing。
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About us
Dongguan Hengxiang Artificial Plants was estimated in year of 2002。
Dongguan Heng Xiang plant simulation Ltd. was founded in 2002, dedicated to the simulation of plant industry, there are more than 10 years of management experience in plant simulation industry, our company mainly produces various series of high-end research and development of high-quality artificial plants, artificial tree, simulation flower simulation plant wall, simulation plants, large-scale simulation landscape and rockery landscaping and other varieties up to more than a thousand species. Undertake all types of large-scale water park, theme park...【More】
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Introduction: That leaves UV Technology

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Introduction:Pots brief production process
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Fast-paced life of people feel tired, then many people will choose to travel to relax. In some resorts, there are often landscape stone, people might think it is a natural landscape, it is not true, this is a rockery production...
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Dongguan Hengxiang Artificial Plants Co., Ltd.
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Tel: +86 (0769) 8398 0628
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